About the Edible Computer Show

In the 9 years I've had the pleasure of sharing this column on the air with CBC listeners I've been able to test drive a lot of intrinsically cool technologies. It not only makes my job a great deal of fun, it gives me the opportunity to reinvent my own sphere of work and play. Anything worth doing is worth keeping fresh, and that means reinventing. Given this is the start of another year, it seemed like a good time to put my money where my mouth is.

Call this an experiment, an adventure and an invitation to help make the time I have with you on Monday mornings last a little longer, mean a little more and truly be an example of the way that people can live better through computers. I'm inviting you to be a columnist with me, to step into the role of a curious, enthusiastic explorer who is passionate about sharing things that work: technology-enabled community DNA.

I've always been drawn to the social side of technology: how people are using tools to reinvent and empower their own lives and the world around them. I've chosen to use a collaborative tool called a "wiki" in order to foster a more participatory life for this column as it approaches it's 10th year, and I'm excited about finding new ways of pushing the limits to see how was can all tell our own stories about the ways that we are using computers to cultivate happier, healthier and more fulfilled communities and lives.

I hope I'll have the good fortune of connecting with many of you here on a more personal level, and that you're as excited as I am about storytelling, because it's a powerful tool for change.

Confession: I don't have it all figured out ~grins~ . In fact, that's not by accident but rather by design. I wanted to find a simple, intuitive place to start, and to invite you to join me in exploring the best tools for collaborating, working, and playing and to begin applying them here. As I said, this is an experiment and an opportunity to have a little fun.

Welcome to the new face of the "Edible Computer". I know we'll all have lots of stories to tell!

CBC Radio computer columnist, storyteller & digital adventure junkie …
Sue Braiden.

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