TREKS: Personal and Community Capacity Building!

Share. Inspire. Act.

The first two ingredients are easy, and the basis of most storytelling, whether conventional journalism through vehicles like CBC Radio and Television, or the kind of good old-fashioned storytelling that's giving rise to a totally new brand of indie reporting through the net.

The third part is the tougher nut to crack.

How can we work together in a way that inspires us and our fellow journeymen to act?

This is the challenge and maybe the most exciting by-product of sharing what we're passionate about. How do we take what we are sharing with each other and put it to work within our own lives and communities to enrich and sustain them?

A fundamental Part of the "Edible Computer" column makeover is this: to cultivate a "do-something" street team of inspired community champions.

For some people, sharing their own story is cathartic and enough. For others there may be a hunger to take what's shared and actively apply it. With a little luck, the "knowledge mcnuggets" we gather here will be rich enough to lead to "treks": a group of fellow explorers coming together around a vital project in their own their community. That community might be geographic, or a community of interest online, or a community of practice.

I'm hoping we'll find the best ways to use this wiki to share broadly and act passionately, and will be inviting you to offer your own thoughts on this here shortly.

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