The Storytellers' Circle

Telling stories is one of the oldest and most powerful ways of learning and building a sense of shared purpose and community. We've all got a storyteller in us, and it doesn't matter a lick if we can use the big $5 words to impress. What's important is finding simple ways of sharing what we're passionate about in everyday elbows-on-the-table kind of talk. It's what engages people the most, and makes your message inspiring and urgent.

I'm interested in hearing your own stories about the ways that computer and internet technologies are shaping your life. What kinds of innovative things are you doing with them? What kinds of things are most useful to you and to your kids?

I'd love to hear about your own favourite web sites, software, gadgets and gear, most especially the ones that help to cultivate a broader sense of what we share as people in spite of our sometimes very diverse geographies, cultures and experiences.

Later this week I'll be inviting you to share your own digital adventures here, opening the wiki up as a collaborative storytelling space where we can learn from each other about the things that contribute to happier people and healthier, more sustainable communities.

To shamelessly flog that good old cliché … stay tuned!

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