Monday, March 16, 2009

After nearly ten years on the air, The Edible Computer column is coming to a close. I've enjoyed sharing stories about how people are living better through computers, and tucking in field notes along the way. While there are only two shows left, you'll still be able to dig into the archives to explore previous shows, sharing some of the highlights from the past 9 year's worth of adventures.

Canadians Empower Disabled Youth through New Website

March is National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, so it's timely that a new Canadian web site is creating opportunities for young people with disabilities. is designed to support young people with disabilities in making a successful transition from school to higher education, employment and independent living.

Read on to find out how two award-winning young Canadians are tackling this latest effort to empower youth.

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What's on Deck?

Stay tuned on Mondays for more ways to plug into technologies that have the the potential to empower us and make our lives better along the way.


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